"Ultra" Gamemode

I’m looking for a coder than can help me make a gmod rp gamemode,I also would like a good mapper to make a map for me,if you are intrested add me (ryanskidmore26) or ask me to add you :slight_smile:


What the fellow above said. What is it you want out of this gamemode, and why won’t any of the numerous already existing ones work for you? What is the difference you’re looking for?

And why do you expect that coders will just want to put hours of effort into something that means little or nothing to them?

I will give more detail when you add me but I need a coder to do the menus,a coder to do the
Npc’s you talk to when you want guns + the talk system,a coder than can make a GOOD GUI, a mapper that can make/copy materials,a mapper than can make a map with simaler theme to gmt_build2 and thats it for now :slight_smile:


The only rp gamemode I like ATM is perp but it’s quite hard to get…

Honestly, nobody’s going to just go and code a gamemode for you because you have vague ideas for it.