Ultra low FPS

My display drivers are updated… but Gmod is now running at around 10-15 fps on flatgrass, when it used to run at 180 fps… on all high. any suggestions?

When making these “low performance! help!” threads, please tell us:

  • Temperatures.
  • Specs.

And when did that happen? Was it after you installed something?

Explains it?

ATI Radeon 3850 512MB VRAM Overclocked by 100 MHZ core and 100 MHZ memory
55-59 C


oh yea, I just restarted my computer and put all of my addons into another folder and then put them back, but now I cant see any of my addons!

Try setting back the overclocking. I lately had issues with overclocked vram (25 MHz) and GPU (75 MHz), which made games instable and the card “slow down” in usage in order to prevent damage.

Also, try running GPU-Z when you run GMod (in window mode) and check temperatures and clock.

If the “downclocking” doesn’t help, try reinstalling GMod.