Ultra Nationalist Spetsnaz standing near a lake

You can edit if you want.


C&C yadda yadda yadda…

Ultra Nationalist?. he dosnt even have a flag. lol
good pose, i like the angle youve taken it from

it’s the cod4 ultra nationalist

Its fine, hand placement is kinda bad though

I like it.

His finger shouldn’t be on the trigger.
Bad trigger discipline.


I’m gonna leave it at radeon 9250

Yeah, turn graphics up.
That helicopter looks like shit on low textures.

In before Chesty :hurr:

Turn up AA, and graphics. Other wise, I think it’s kinda good.
Edit: oh and the hand :v:

Now I have to comment don’t I?

I like this picture. It might have that noobish mega-low camera angle thing but it’s still good. Time to upgrade your video card though, mate!


In other news, why has bold font and some other stuff stopped working suddenly?

Is anyone else getting this?

It’s called a low-angle shot which is an established, well-known camera angle. I don’t see how it’s noobish.

I know what it is. It’s just that the camera angle is commonly employed and over-done by people new to making screenshots. It’s like the quick-fix way of making something epic.

Bad textures? Just blur the shit out of everything.

Not bad textures those are actually on very high. It’s just my model detail oh and sexy pic background worthy