Ultra Rare Items

Rust needs some rare Items. They can only be found in Airdrops or helicopter and are not craftable. This would make raiding much better. When you have a Quarry with HQM you can make tons of HQM and weapons have not a big value in Rust. A rare item would be a Trophy in a raid or a reason to raid your neighbour. This can be a special hatchet which gather X2 but this hatchet is not researchable.

Like the m249 you can only get from chopper in near future? I guess we will get something similar to this. Maybe factory new weapons from airdrops.

I consider the windmill rather rare, even if it has no basis for operation yet.

isnt the windmill completely absent from the loot table ? pretty useless except for admins who wants to setup a treasure hunt.

Some modded servers, has it in the loot table - and it is the only thing I miss among my bp’s on one specific server :slight_smile:

I would love to see none of the guns being craftable anymore.
maybe revolver and waterpipe gun.

said this many times and I’m sure the dev’s are painfully aware of how important high end gear will be to the endgame. first though, they have to make the game playable.

The game is playable.

yeah, I suppose you could slam your head against a brick wall until it is nothing but a pile of goo, I mean, play rust. Same thing.

? I don’t understand. Rust is completely playable. Yes it could be improved a ton, have lots more added but it is still a fully functional, fun game. My favourite game wouldn’t be an unplayable one…

Honestly pre alpha was playable minus the bugs and hackers

I agree. Something Like a oil filter that could only be found in loot boxes. Could be turned into a make shift silencer. Perhaps some proper weapons that are pieced together from scraps. Like an ak with a real stock. Or a 5 shot bolt action

Most people complaining on here seem to think an “Alpha” game should be complete, playable, and only need a few fixes here and there.

It’s actually more entertaining to watch them sometimes.