Ultra Realistic First Person Movement

So I’ve had this idea for a while, and no, this is not requesting more parkour crap. Basically it is a system that would be very similar to Arma or Arma 2’s style of movement. This would include features such as:

Prone. Lying down.

Free look. The ability to press a button and look independently of the direction your body is pointing.

Camera-body tethering. This may prove difficult. What this means is the camera is tethered to a real world player model. This would also enable players to see their entire bodies, much like Red Orchestra or Mirror’s edge. If this is impossible, then very realistic head bob will suffice.

Feet relative acceleration. This means that when you press forward, you don’t instantly start running at 1000 mph as in most source games. The body has a slight delay when accelerating from a stationary position, and more delay when accelerating from a crouched or prone stationary position.

Transitional movements. The camera responds as a normal human would when crouching, lying down, diving, sprinting, ect.

The famous wall-step. Basically the ability to climb over/ vault low objects (4 feet or so), and climb up onto higher objects (8 feet max)

As for weapons, the following features:

Aiming deadzone outside of ironsights. Weapons can be pointed independently of the center of your screen, until the sights are implemented.

Weapon space. This means the weapon is not the end of your view, and when you approach a wall or other obstacle it reacts accordingly. Basically the weapon is lifted or lowered when obsctructed. Also obstructions will break iron sights temporarily. Fairly simple.

Although this seems incredibly difficult, I know all of these features have been implemented in source as well as other games.

A lot of what you are talking about is being done in the GMove addon currently in development. You should seek out that in the main lua thread.

I saw that, but it is mostly focused on parkour movement. This is different in that it is oriented towards tactical combat. Hence, no wall run, wall jump, ect. Though I see your point.

I like this

Try Twitch Weaponry for the guns.

dude, its NOT about LUA, Its about animations! most things you say are impossible because someone would have to make all those custom animations. if you really want that, animate it yourself, then come back.

Actually, it is. I’ve done LUA, and I know that the things I’m talking about can be done without special animation, except the full body rigging, of course. Everything else is entirely possible with LUA.

And yeah, I just modified twitch weapons to be free aim by default. I’m working on splicing this into the insurgency weapons, and then adding features from Mad Cow’s weapons, such as ricochet and bullet penetration. And grenade cooking.

I suppose the reason I put this in requests was in the hope of people offering help or resources that would be extremely useful, but apparently its just a place where the idiots who are JUST experienced enough in gmod but not experienced ENOUGH in LUA can come and flame my idea, because “that’s not possible with LUA!” Even though I know it is.

I know the fucking difference between custom animations and LUA, but in fact very simple animations, such as lowering or raising a weapon, head bob, and sliding, are entirely possible, as I have seen them in particular SWEPS and such.

You could figure out how to attach the camera to the players eyes, and then you’d have at least a part of what you want =P

Didn’t Smod:Tactical have something like that for a console command? Think I read that somewhere a while ago.

no it isn’t. If I re-animate the walking animation to someone flapping their arms, it makes it impossible to walk? no.

smod tactical had something thats been done a lot, which is basically third person view but aligned to a first person perspective, somewhat sloppy for my tastes, considering the world playermodels are very ugly.

Okay, so I’m going to make my requests more specific, now that I’m doing this on my own.

I would really love if someone could give me:

A basic head bob script, much like you might see on that parkour server. I can edit whatever I want after that but I need to see an example.

I would also love a basic wall hopping script if there is one. Basically it’s wall climb but it only works on walls of a certain height.