ultradr3mer - personal skin


made myself a personal skin. There is still a lot to do (esp facial animations) but since im not realy happy wit the low poly model and how animations look i don’t know if i will update it or not.


What’s wrong with his face?

The colthes are well made. I wish I could make a custom personal skin.

@the Jackel: the forehead and the cheeks are hard to reconstruct because there are no details on them. as i said there is still stuff to do.

Here’s more screenshots for it.

This is my new avatar

Like he said, It’s not faceposeble.

He stares into my soul

Like he said, I allready said it has no facial animations

It’s like a Mexican Crack Addict… well it’s the first thing that popped into my head. Sorry.

wtf? why?
would you be so kind and explain what you mean?

his head seems a bit flat on the top, good texturing btw

The face is kinda scary but it’s really nice looking if also drop by here if you like. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1103853-Personal-Skins-Thread-V.-Diamonds-are-FOREVER

The outfit is very well made, imao.

feet look misshapen, doesn’t really seem to have any real proportions besides all his appendages are just straight out

also u got a funi faec sun

not really, you need to leave the house more, look around some.

the head proportions are wrong, everything else is really nice though. Well done.

played around with the face and clothing. Is it better now?

Yeah it looks a bit better. The head doesn’t look as much facegenned anymore :slight_smile:

One thing I can think of right now, is to do a bit more alphamapping on the hair. It’s pretty helmy right now. Also maybe add some hair textures on the scalp to make it blend in better.

thanks. but i want to keep the hair bound to the source limits. hair with alpha would not work well in source, at least alphas never worked fine for me ^^.

Looks like an indian.