UltraFort Revolution

This is the 3rd version of my fort i have made in Garrysmod, and that i have uploaded to Garrysmod.org. My second version is the most popular fort on garrysmod.org so i thought i should make a thread for this one, which looks much better than my last one. Enjoy the pictures and the video i have made. :slight_smile:

Critism is welcomed as, without it this fort would not be as it is, but something much worse, that includes the video.

It’s main features are:

-Self destruct nuke with countdown.
-Working escape pod launchers.
-Experimental semi-automated car storage system.
-Tonnes more things which you will see in the video.

Watching it in High quality is recommend.

Is there still light out there for saves?


I am planning on updating it with tonnes more features when i can be bothered.

I like golden stars :slight_smile:

This looks like it was actually worked on, not just stackered.

Wow, a decent fort for once, not just a 5 minute stacker job.

+1 Gold Star

Well I’m not much of a fort builder. But I know when one is good. And I see you’ve put in a lot of effort, and that’s what counts. Goldie :smiley:

I like the interior crocodile alli- no. I like the interior. It reminds me of Pegasus from Battlestar Galactica for some reason, I have no idea why. But yeah, it looks the part.

I like white plusses on green, circular backgrounds.

Cool, somehow reminds me gmod9 times.
But it seems to be really bad for fps D:

Is it build into the side of the map?

If not Great, if so it’s ok.

That looks fucking awesome.

That’s awesome, have a star

Epic number of buttons needed to arm the nuke.

escape pod was awesome! good idea needing all those buttons to arm the nuke so mingebags can’t blow everything up. maybe require a keypad? starred.

Dude, this thing is way better than any fort I’ve seen, I loved the nuke and the escape pod.

Now that is a good use of PHX. Starred.

Is it held up by freezing or is it stably welded?

You didn’t use mad world again D:

It looks really nice. Is the fort all a single piece?

Best fort I have ever see. Even Better than My skyfort.

Nuke Self destruct Ejection seat is KICKIN RAD’!

Upload the video to www.setvid.com for full quality.

It’s 100% free standing, not built into the map in anyway. Which is how i like it. :smiley:


I will upload it now. Thanks for the link, is it embeddable on here?


Freezing, no welds in the whole fort.


At first i had keypads, you had to get the correct combination in all 3 keypads for it to start the countdown which was awesome, but after i loaded it again they were all broken for some reason, just like the grabbers on the car storage. :frowning:

I does lag for me… Anyway, great fort, not just a bingemingefagbag fort that everyone hates… :slight_smile:

No, Divx streams are not added to the embed on here. But I am willing to follow a link to see perfect quality.