Ultraman Model Thread

I would like for someone to get some Ultraman models from the game ‘‘Ultraman Fighting Evolution 4 Rebirth’’ for Gmod. (With multiple skins as different color schemes.) I’m hoping for these models to be made because of a comic series I’m planning to make called: ‘‘Ultraman Invaders’’. I’d be very appreciated if someone would work on them.

please stop posting the same request over and over. if anyone was interested in doing this for you, they would have done it already.

This is actually interesting. The Ultraman models are pretty decent quality from what I’ve seen on gameplay videos.

I would probably check the Xentax forums to see if they have found a way to extract the models. If there is a chance then someone might do it for you.

It’s also possible that we might already be able to do it with Noesis. In that case, porting over the Ultraman models should be relatively easy if not quick since they don’t have any faceposing and you just have to get some bones for the body posing.

I just posted a forum there, hopefully someone can consider it.

It’s not from Fighting Evolution Rebirth, but here’s a pack of every single model I’ve located and extracted from Daikaijuu Battle Ultra Coliseum DX, which has a good chunk of the characters from the other game, plus a bunch more. And they appear to be recycled from that game anyway, so this should be good.

Use Noesis to convert the DAEs to FBX or SMD or whatever if they won’t import properly for you. I’ve got way too many things taking up my free time lately, so I won’t be getting to working on any of these anytime this year.