Ultraman Models

I’m thinking about making my own Ultraman comic series using Garrys-mod, but when I searched though the Steam workshop and here, there were no models at all I could find related to Ultraman.

If there is ANYONE who knows how to port and work with G-mod models and wants to do a favor for me, Id apperciate it. I want every Ultraman you can get in with different body groups and color schemes to go with it to add style.

The models I want in (Only the various Ultraman) are from the game: Ultraman Fighting Evolutuion 4 rebirth.

There MAY be Ultraman Models floating about, I’ve seen shots over on DA, someone ported a few, your best bet is to search there, then find someone who can convert MMD to Source.

Ive seen a couple of those, I’ll check and ask.

Apparently even though I found deviations of some Ultraman models on MMD, the riggers Focus only on MMD, or don’t want other people to rig their models at all.

Well ain’t that a shame