Ultramarines in the heat of battle (nothing epic)

Tried to go with in-game editing only. Bah. Clipping on the right shoulder pad. Damnit.

Everything is in-game except for the cropping.

C&C, brothers.

All the different colours and textures make my eyes bleed. The generic ground, wierd posing, clip issues, and legs looking too stiff.

Is there anything good in the picture?

I like the dome.

Low quality, but pretty cool I guess…

Low quality what? Overall? Effects? Models? Textures?

I can’t seem to get into dawn of war… Seems boring to me, but meh nice pic

Wow so much low res! Is that nintendo 64?

The angle is good, but theres so much going on, flashes and explosions covering everything, the explosion in the background is see through, which is kinda silly, and the contrast of the colors is really tough on the eyes.

always angry all the time

I don’t think low quality models in addition to ingame editing exclusively is a good idea.

Would’ve been cool if you darkened the picture.

Thund3rdome is right about the colouration. So many colours… it’s like a jumble sale of lighting. Go easy on the contrast too.

… I’m not sure why you decided to only in-game edit this.

I don’t know either. Just wanted to try. I might remake this with editing.

But don’t bitch about the bad models, people. Those are the only Marines around.

The models are okay, but the texture on them are super sharpened because most likely you tried to enlarge the texture.


Also there are about 3 space marines models around.

The original texture looked even worse, so I tried improving it. And failed, which is not a big surprise I guess.

And please link me to those models, as they are private.



Damn, I see the second pic, but not the first one. Anyway, I think those are the same DoW I marines, right? Just with phong and other eyecandy applied?