Ultranationalist in a forest firing his rifle

I kinda like how the muzzle flash and smoke came out.


C&C and that all that shit.

Yea, guns do that when they fire. yea.

Looks great! Although you can see the edges around the smoke and his jacket clipping through the AK’s stock.

His right arm looks abit strange.

Other than the slight clipping it looks great. Editing is excellent. Have an arty.

The reflections are brighter than the environment and there’s some very minor clipping. Otherwise it’s very high quality.

really nice job i love this model + setting

nice job!
sorry but…what’s a ultranationalist?
is it like an extremist?

Exception to the eyes, looks brilliant.
It’s a very extremist nationalist :P. Like an extreme patriot.

Extremist political party, usually referring to a Russian extremist communist party from Call of Duty 4, with a base on an actual party referring to themselves as Ultranationalists in Russia.

I think it’s beautiful, i only wish somebody knew how to get rid off the excessive glass reflection of the mask, doesn’t work out well in photoshop for me.

You forgot that guns eject shells. Oh well. The muzzleflash looks actually pretty good, and the posing is good too.

Were they communists? I thought they were just nationalists.

Yeah they are communists, read this article.

It’s awesome! Get an palette.