Ultra's Rail Gun



beam material
refract impact material
hands skin
custom crosshair

its based on Feihc’s quakestylerailgun:

and the model is inspired by:

I don’t know about the warping effect. It seems a little much. Tone it down, if not get rid of it.

If you could give it the charge sequence like Viktor’s for a sniper shot, and of course the alternate firing mode it has when not charged.
But then it would just be Viktor’s gun, I guess.

only the design is adapted by it…

Hm. I don’t see the effects when I fire this. The swep jerks back and then things just dissolve. No beam or anything.

and no error message?
I think that could be because it did colide with one of your other addons…

I barely have any addons, but you’re most likely correct. I tried it on another computer, looks good.

thats fine thanks.

the link on gmod.com sends you to creating a new thread, please fix it there

fixed thanks.

nice skin, ah how i remeber Earth Assult…

make the v_mdl bigger and i’d like a link to this “VictorGun”
also does this come with that arm reskin? cause i don’t want that

Awww so no world model? I wanted to use this in a pose.

Yeah, I wanted to pose with it to… I think I may not download because of the lack of a world model… When you make another version that contains one you’ll have my download.

And you will make another that contains a world model.
You will add a world model to this addon…*

viktors gun is not a weapon for gmod the link to the wikia page is up there^.
the arm reskin is only in use with the v_model it doesnt replace anything.
if you dont want even that use this vmt:

	// Original shader: VertexLitTexture
	"$basetexture" "models/Weapons/V_hand/v_hand_sheet"
	"$bumpmap" "models/Weapons/V_hand/v_hand_sheet_normal"
	//"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	//"$envmaptint" "[ .64 .64 .64 ]"
	//"$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" 1

// -- From here down is new stuff which will only be applied if $phong is set to 1 --
	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongexponent" "25"
	"$phongboost"	"1"
	"$phongfresnelranges"	"[.2 0.4 1]"


i made a worldmodel but didnt finished it. ill finisch it somehow.

it is big watch the second screen . he just holds it a bit low.


get em before they get cold.

gona hav su sleep. cu.

Nice gun, though.
This is about the first new non-five-second-swep-maker-swep I have seen in ages.

Mine isn’t working right. It shows the animation when I shoot, but nothing comes out.

pretty cool lookin’

KariChan had the same error. maybe its because one of your addons. could you send me list with the ones you have installed?

Do you know who would be awesome with this? The Soldier from TF2. Of course without the 1 hit kill thing. I love “laser” jumping. I might say that sometimes when firing it, it lags my computer a shitload. Only some times.

i think the small lag is caused by the many beams its crating do get this spiral.
the jumping is definitely intresting. Its like rocket jumping but more accurate and you dont lose health.