Hello, this is my first comic, and it took me 3 and 1/2 days to make. The first part is different in style than the last because there was a lot of time between the making of both. Also, I think it’s quite long!
I hope you like it ^^
Click on it to zoom.

Nice! But I don’t like the way bubbles are.

That is one handsome spy.

Why? Should I make them more comic-like? Whats a good comic font?

Comic Sans MS. Thats a joke, just dont. Also Epic comic


blambot.com has lots of awesome comic fonts

Nice job for a first one.

Otherwise good but the text is sometimes unreadable because of it going over the bubble.

Oh, and i forgot to post last time : I like how he ends up with a wrench in his face. That makes me laugh

Yes, my next comic will have more standard-comic like bubbles

Easiest way to keep the text in the bubble is to make the text first, then the bubble.