ULX Addon and Gamemode

So I am trying to make a custom TDM gamemode, going fairly good. But now I have one problem, so I need to make a ULX module that would allow me to change someones team (I might be able to do this), set someones rank, and their money. I don`t know what info you would need, if you need to look at my database code please let me know, or if you know how to set it up that would be amazing! Thanks in advance.

Well, it’s your gamemode, so presumably you have methods of handling money. We can’t tell you what you’ve coded! :v:

The SetTeam thing is very simple, though. I don’t know how ULX commands work but it’s basically


Yah I know the methods of handling money, I just didn`t know how to use ULX to set money and such. But for the ply:SetTeam(TEAM_NAME), which part of this code would it be “teamselect[1] = {name = “Blue Team”, color = Vector(0.0, 0.0, 1.0), weapons = {“weapon_smg1”, “weapon_pistol”} }”, I have been using the number (“1”) or would I type Blue Team? Thanks!