Ulx Adduser

I know the command is “ulx adduser NAME GROUP Immunity” but when I try doing that with my friend, it doesnt work, is it because his name is using special letters? Is there a way to add him as admin using his steam id?

yes edit the admin.txt


it’s in the server files.

I know its the settings/users.txt in my server files, but will that allow him ot use ulx


thanks I did that, but it didn’t allow him to be admin, he had to change his name to regular characters.

Special Charactars are not supported. I should of mentioned that.

Worst case you could always copy+paste his name into the console, then proceeded to do ulx adduser blah blah blah.

I’m still a little confused were ever it works nic.

Just do part of his name, for example… If their name is ๖ۣۜS!ŁεŋŦ |Dragonite24 [BKR]

Just put Dragonite for the name… Or something like that.

Tried that, and that didn’t work.

ULX’s adduser command does not work if there are non ASCII characters in the person’s name. The person will have to change their name to all ASCII characters and re-join the server in order for the command to work. However, they can change their name back to what they had before and join, and still have their ULX rank saved. This is because ULX saves ranks by SteamID, the name does not matter.