ULX Admin Chat Color

So I need help with ULX’s admin chat. What the owner wants is so that it is not distinguishable if player calling to admins are dead or alive.

Here’s a screenshot of what it currently looks like:


And what he basically wants is so that the color of “Dub-bot” to be the same color whether dead or alive.
We are currently using the latest version of ULX.

Why would you actually want that? honestly this is way more appealing and easier to read.

If you want to do so find the file which has the “@” command being sent to admins and shit. Baso you could search “to admins:” all of the ulx command files using notepad++. But I’d keep it this way, it’s nicer.

I’ve personally never seen the different colours if dead or alive and I just checked out my ULX I have installed but I might be running an old version.

This is what is currently under asay, and yes I definitely do agree with you, but its what he wants.
I see ‘format = “#P to admins: #s”’ but din’t know where to go from there.

local seeasayAccess = “ulx seeasay”
if SERVER then ULib.ucl.registerAccess( seeasayAccess, ULib.ACCESS_OPERATOR, “Ability to see ‘ulx asay’”, “Other” ) end – Give operators access to see asays echoes by default

function ulx.asay( calling_ply, message )
local format
local me = "/me "
if message:sub( 1, me:len() ) == me then
format = “(ADMINS) *** #P #s
message = message:sub( me:len() + 1 )
format = “#P to admins: #s

local players = player.GetAll()
for i=#players, 1, -1 do
	local v = players[ i ]
	if not ULib.ucl.query( v, seeasayAccess ) and v ~= calling_ply then -- Calling player always gets to see the echo
		table.remove( players, i )

ulx.fancyLog( players, format, calling_ply, message )

local asay = ulx.command( CATEGORY_NAME, “ulx asay”, ulx.asay, “@”, true, true )
asay:addParam{ type=ULib.cmds.StringArg, hint=“message”, ULib.cmds.takeRestOfLine }
asay:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL )
asay:help( “Send a message to currently connected admins.” )

Theres an option in the ULX settings to disable team colors. Disable team colors in the ULX settings panel.