ULX Admin Mod- Aliases for Maps

I was wondering if it were possible (I’m super new to this) to make it so you could essentially have shorter strings for maps.

I mean to say is, for ulx, “!map <map>” in chat translates to “ulx map <map” as a full command.

What I want to be able to do is, instead of typing “!map ttt_67th_way_v4”, I want to be able to type “!map 67th”

Is that doable?

Unfortunately, not in ULX by default. Your best bet would be to use your console by partially typing the name in, then use autocompletes to fill in the rest. Or XGUI, if you don’t mind clicking things! (You can bind a specific key to “xgui maps”, and that will always bring up the maps tab)

Otherwise, if you’re lua-savvy, a small modification to the ulx map command, or even an entire separate command could do the trick.

Ha, well I am not really LUA-savvy, only just learning, but thanks for the help!