ULX admin mod error

So i changed my darkrp server to a sandbox server (less stressful) but when i tryed to open the ulx menu this error comes up and a bunch of stuff is missing. How do i fix this?

Attempts to re-install XGUI if possible

I tryed reinstalling ulx and ulib but that didn’t work.

Where did you get your ulx installation? If you got it from garrysmod.org, or any other site besides the trunk, you need to get the SVN. This issue is fixed with the latest, it was caused by the last update by Valve, which leaves me to believe your version isn’t up to date.


I got it from the ulx web site. I got it strait from the people who made it. I also tryed the svn stuff and it didn’t work. Also the motd dosn’t work. It’s just a white page.

nvm you were right. i did it wrong.