Ulx admin mod problem

Hi guys, i have a little issue with my new server running on linux. When i start the server up, i type in the console ulx adduser darth owner, and it adds me to the owner group. When i restart my server i’m not the owner anymore. I work with Uteam and Utime, Utime works fine, when i restart my server everyone still has its total hours, but when i make myself as an owner and restart the server it just dissapears. Anyone has a solution for this? Thank u.

are you sure the mod correctly loads? I’ve never had this problem with ulx.

Ulx mod correctly loads, i’m sure of that. I can’t figure out what happened. Maybe u wanna have my custom groups txt ?

Hmm you could always try to load it by a cfg file.
Even though i have to admit this is weird.
Do you keep your status when u change map?

Add yourself to users.txt

The only this i see in the users.txt is some words… how to i put myself in there ??

I’ll tell you how true steam.

have you did;

rcon ulx adduser “NAME” owner
ulx adduser “NAME” owner

that’s what i do… i do it twice!

Try removing your users.txt and groups.txt, then restart server and try adding yourself to superadmin via rcon. Make sure you create backups. If that works then either your users.txt or your groups.txt file was corrupt.

You can also goto the official forums and receive help.