"ULX Admin Mod" Where can i get it?

Hello, i was wondering where i can get the ULX Admin Mod. I’ve been on the Ulysses website and it isn’t on there? Help?

Thanks, Fresh.

The latest one is BETA for GM13. I am looking for a stable admin mod that is compatible with GM13. I’ve already tried to use that BETA It does not work.

I don’t know why ULX isn’t working for you but it is working fine for me. You sure you got the version in the SVN?

SVN beta is working fine for me, including XGUI which apparently doesn’t work.

only problem i have enccountered is that the bans are always perminate



It works fine. You are the one doing something wrong.

Just download it from the GitHub link a guy posted above, then extract ALL the folders to your addons folder and it should work. - That’s how I got it to work at least.