ULX Advanced CallSystem

I made this for a guy a few months ago but he told me that it wasn’t working and he didn’t pay me, so I’m just leaving it here.

MySQL (using mysqloo) is required


This addon basically assigns admin calls. When someone uses the default asay command (@), it will randomly send a notification to an admin with a small popup showing him the reason and asking him to accept the call.


If the the admin doesn’t accept within 15 seconds (can be changed), he gets a small window asking him why he couldn’t and the notification is sent to another admin (or the report is canceled if there isn’t any).

If he accepts the call another window pops up with a button to end the call when the admin needs to. He must write a conclusion after ending a call.


Also, it includes a point system and a website where you can see the latest calls and the points (made with my shitty html and php skills, here’s a demo on my testing server).

The MySQL config is on the call_system/config/ folder.

Nice release, man.

This is looking nice! I’d love to make a design for the web version!

That wikipedia design :v:

Well I don’t use github for nothing. And yeah I’m really bad at web stuff :v:


There you go (:

This looks awesome! Thanks Tommy!!!

Atomic, your website is really cool btw.

Thanks! I’ll be re-constructing it because of menu bugs when I have some free time.

Tommy you have any designs that you were looking for? Bubbly, Flat, Crystallized, etc.?

I like the idea of the design, it still needs some improvement tho :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to improve the border, font and the background color, because it just doesn’t fit.

Needs padding too

Thanks, I like this new one. Though it would be nice to avoid using images and make everything using CSS. Just create a pull request on github when it’s done.

I could recreate the images I used. Just made it quick through photoshop, but it’s easy to make. http://sereneservernetwork.com/textvimage

I can mess with the border a bit. I’ll see what I can do about that color scheme as well.

Lol yeah I noticed I’ll add that as well.


Changed images to CSS.
Added some padding.

Hmmm, will this work across a network of servers? Being if I am on one of our servers, and get a request from another server, will I be notified or do I need to be in game? Looking for essentially this, and will pay to have it added. Email me if so…


If each ULX Call addon in yours network is set to the same database then it should display them all on the webpage.

I don’t think it works in-game though…

Yeah, the in-game notification only works on one server atm. Add me on steam.

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Nice, can you create a pull request with your code? Oh and links should be still underlined imo

Doesnt work…

So the whole addon is broken because you couldn’t get it to work?
Check your mysql config.

Ara you fucking kidding on me?!
How I can use this script when regular ULX use asay ?!
I need to disable the function to use your script…

Well just don’t use it and let’s keep it for people who can read