ULX Ban Times

Hello, for some reason when anyone on our server tries to Ban someone they can only use minutes or Perma, if they use minutes it still becomes a perma though
This is what happens when you try to ban with hours Command “ulx ban”, argument #2: invalid number or time string “h” specified

How can I fix this?

As far as ULX banning. You can not use letters like h or d, seeing as your probably trying to ban someone for days. The bantime must be specified in minutes. 1220 Minutes is one day, build on from there.

It’s 1440 minutes for a day (60*24)
Other standard ban times would be 2880 (2 days), 4320 (3 days), 10080 (7 days), and maybe 43200 (30 days, approx a month)

I know that, but when you try ban with minutes it becomes a perma ban.

Are you using the GUI? That’s known to be broken at the moment. Ban from the console for the time being if you want to specify a time.

This is what happens when I tried to ban for one minute (as a test) You banned Skyward Brick permanently (1)

It looks like you passed the number as the ban reason, rather than the ban duration. What exactly did you type into the console?

I used the Ulx menu, clicked his name selected minutes and put the number as 1.

Did you see my earlier reply? The GUI is broken when it comes to banning. It’s a known issue.

Once again with the reason Test and minutes as one this showed You banned Skyward Brick permanently (Test)

You can use letters, as long as they’re preceded by the amount you want.

6h = 6 hours = 360 minutes.

Have you tried reinstalling ulx? Also, do not use the xgui, it’s pretty broken.

Ok, that works, I’ll just need to inform my community to not use the menu.

All issues have been fixed in XGUI over the past few weeks-- Make sure your servers are running the latest version via SVN, or we just put out a “release” version you can download on our website. (Facepunch release thread coming soon)