ULX being a server crasher?

Recently I heard some rumors from people who don’t like ULX anymore because they investigated its code and found out it leads to server crashes due to used up memory or simply by changing GMods code in some ways or replacing existing code with its own code.

What is that fuss all about?

Hi! I’m the project lead for ULX.

I can only assume they’d be referring the Ulysses hook system, which overrides Gmod’s hooks. Even though this has been implemented in Ulysses for years and years, it was only noticed recently when Garry changed the error output to show the full stack trace. Since the hook system is included in the stack trace, some people mistakenly assume that the hook system is the cause of the error. That’s simply not true.

In short, there’s nothing to worry about and in fact was never even noticed (because it does not cause any errors itself) until Garry changed some of the information reporting.