ULX broken

So for some reason my ULX is not working. Im superadmin and i my groups tab is missing AND i have no commands. Ive been looking everywhere for help, ive deleted it so many times. If anyone knows of any other admin mod or how to fix this please help!!

http://gyazo.com/3c697e0a555023787efcf30f1362426c (Picture of missing things)
http://gyazo.com/9bdd7bc18a7a4a5237099639a09200ff (Picture of directories)

When deleting ULX and ULib did you also delete their data/ files?

It looks like the usergroup you have assigned to yourself has absolutely no permissions. I would recommend re-adding ULX and ULib to the server. Also remember to delete the data files for it so when you re-add it, it will re-create them to default settings.

I personally would recommend ServerGuard. They just had a new update with many new features. It is probably one of the nicest administration modules I have seen. It also has it’s own prop protection and restriction system in it as well. (https://gmodserverguard.com) Please note it does cost money, but after working with it for about 6 months now, I don’t want to switch over to anything else. It is about $30 USD which is honestly a fairly neat price for so many features built into one system.

Pick your poison, they’re all good at what they do.

Serverguard is silly, and the developers are terrible people on par with Conna.

I wanted to use chessnut moderator. Do you know how to add user to admin? Or super admin? Same question for evolve. I think evolve doesn’t work anymore for the up to date Gmod

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As of now I’m convinced with the server guard if the evolve or the moderator doesn’t work

mod_setrank yoursteamname owner

In SERVER console.

Lolcats are all of these programs working with the up to date gmod updates??

If not you can always just use the most common one ulx, but If you want to know just look at the last update for these mods and if it was recent then most-likely.

Evolve was last updated on September 21st, Exsto on Dec 5 of 2013, Moderator on July 24th, Serverbase on the 5th of September, and I always provide support for CAT.