ULX Chirp Sound on Spawn... Can It Be Removed?

Every server I set up that includes ULX Admin Mod has the same issue. When I validate, about a half second after a short organ-chord “chirp” sound plays, resembling that of the old Windows XP “exclamation” sound. This happens irrespective of disabling the Welcome Message or MOTD. I’ve searched every LUA file that comes with ULX for a call to play a .wav file, and none of them reference the sound I hear when I first validate in my servers. The only fix I’ve found is to completely remove the ULX/ULIB folders from the server, which obviously won’t fly. Could anyone please point out to me the particular LUA file and line of code that references this sound being played so I can edit it out?

set ups_cl_playdenysound to 0 and see if that fixes it. It’s not actually part of ULX but it’s the only thing that has a sound that seems like the one you described.

Unfortunately that did not fix the issue.


There’s a sound sample of what I keep hearing.

Additional Info: I re-installed ULX Admin Mod from scratch. It did not make the sound. However, as soon as I elevated myself to Superadmin, the next time I connected to the server it did it.

Weird. Does it sound exactly the same as the link you’ve posted?

Never heard this sound before on my server :-/

Sounds like sticky keys to me

I’ve heard this before, I still can’t find the source of the problem.

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Do you have the MOTD disabled on spawn?

I’ve tried it both ways, with the MOTD enabled and with it disabled. Also the same with the Welcome Message. It’s the same either way.

Isn’t that the error sound from an old version of the Steam client?

That’s the sound that’s made when you reach the character limit in chat. No idea why it’s playing on join, though.

Oddly enough, My server makes the same noise. Doesn’t really bother me, I actually figured it came with pointshop or something.

I get it as well sometimes on servers with ULX, not sure why it happens but it seems to happen a lot for me, depends on the server I guess.

Figured it out.

It happens when people use Cobalt’s free release version of CustomCommands found here: http://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php/topic,7268.0.html

The noise is a warning that the version of CustomCommands being run is out-of-date. But oddly enough the text file that used to contain the version number is now a rant of sorts, found here: http://frost.site.nfoservers.com/version/version.txt

To fix the issue, simply change line 9 of lua/autorun/server/version.lua from " ply:SendLua([[surface.PlaySound(“Resource/warning.wav”)]]) " to " return " and it should silence the noise when joining.

Hope you guys find that helpful :3