ULX commands not working

Hello, I installed ulx and ulib on the server correctly. But, at some point some of my commands got put into the “uncategorized” section for some reason. Now none of the ranks can use them despite having permission to do so. Can someone help me out?

I installed the custom commands addon if that helps any, and I have utime installed as well.

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Here’s how it looks in the menu, all the commands in uncategorized cannot be used by any rank.

It means the commands existed, but not anymore.
It looks like you had the ttt commands addon and removed it, same goes for auto promote

How would I fix this? I have the custom commands installed, but the commands in question dont show up regardless of custom commands being in the addons.

Also, my autopromote hasn’t been working either, but I’m not worried about that.

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Also sorry for the late reply.