ULX Commands

Could someone in here help me make some ulx commands like this examples

!returnwep or !refund = return weapons the target player had before they died
!showdeath = mark the place where the target player died
!gotocar = goto car owned by target player


or how about

!codeyourownshit = makes people attempt to make things they “need” or “want” by themselves before asking for free work on a developer forum.

EDIT: Put some effort into it, this isn’t a place to ask for people to make this for you, it’s to ask questions about why things you are making are not working.

just stop

but anyways, OP, this shit is really dumb and redundant. you can simply do this manually.

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the only thing you can’t do is see where the player died. however, go here


that’ll be useful for that.

Well the doplayerdeath hook can do the first two, last one you can just search the player and do getvehicle or something.




Thanks for help guys i Will try :smiley:

This will probably help you as well: