ULX console commands not working? Any alternatives to ULX?

I have been having ALOT of problems latley, And this one is probably the worst.

I recently reinstalled ULX, and after installing, I decided to go on the server and change the map and the gamemode, I typed in the console ‘ulx mapsmenu’ and nothing happened, normally a little menu would pop up giving you a couple of options but nothing happens.

What is going on? :uhoh:

There is another Admin Mod called “ASS Mod”. There should be a topic on FacePunch somewhere. It’s not as advanced as ULX is, but it gets the job done.

I have tried it, but NONE of it seemed to work :frowning:

Something is very odd here.

If both are failing to work then…

1: You’re somehow installing it wrong
2: It’s an issue with your server

What type of server do you run, is it hosted by a company or…?

Yes it’s hosted by a company at www.tigit.co.uk ;).

I couldn’t find Gmod on their list of games lol. But anyway, it’s likely to do with their setup for Gmod :confused: You’ll need to contact their support and see if you can sort it that way.

We hve the garrys mod server running on a Windows Dedicated server.

So what do you think I should do? Give it another shot?

You need to have the latest version of uLib. SVN here. http://ulyssesmod.net/ulib/trunk

Well I did download it off the site, Wouldn’t it still be the latest version?

Nope. You gotta’ use the latest through SVN. If you don’t know how to use SVN. LOOK NO FURTHER

Ok I got the SVN version, still no avail. :frowning:

I noticed that, if I do ‘rcon ulx help’ the ulx help comes up in the console, although, if i do ‘ulx help’ on it’s own, nothing happens.


Also, whenever I try execute a command, something about an unhandled command called ‘UlibLuafn’ comes up.

im getting the same problem we tried everything nothing works right we are using svns and it has been running correctly until we installed lua socket and wire socket radio, we removed them but we are still getting problems with ulx


Anyway, you obviously need to install ulib. ULX installation instructions clearly say you need it.

You need to give your self rights through rcon.

ASS MOD has been known to be “Effed” Up, example: If I banned someone, Ass mod could glitch up, set the access of someone to “Previously banned” and they would have as much access as a “Admin” - “Co-Owner”