ULX Custom Command


function ulx.emotes(ply)
local emote = ulx.command( CATEGORY_NAME, “ulx emotes”, ulx.emotes", “!emotes” )
emote:defaultAccess( Ulib.ACCESS_ALL )
emote:help( “Emote list.” )

So I have that in the ULX Modules folder in my server, but when run the command in game nothing happens.
I know +AudioEmotePanel_Show works because I have it bound to a key.

Any ideas?

Don’t spam with threads and read this post from your previous thread.

What I was asking there is COMPLETELY different than what I’m asking here.

Actually, it’s not.

Ok, I went elsewhere and they provided a quick and simple solution to my question (cough)

For anyone who is wondering, there’s a difference between RunConsoleCommand and Player:ConCommand.
Use Player:ConCommand instead of RunConsoleCommand.