ULX Demoting People

Every map change or every second map change ULX keeps demoting all the users who are in groups (Moderators, administrators, etc) and it says that they demote themselves, but they do not have permission to that command.
Please help, how do I fix this?

Do you get any errors?

I’m his Co-Super-Admin, No errors at all.

[editline]3rd May 2014[/editline]

Arbiter: tell me whath append
Arbiter: before you were demoted
Saint603: I was administrating for like a round or two pretty successfully
Arbiter: any commands you used
Saint603: I didn’t have to use any commands because no one had acted up
Saint603: And then I got the message, one sec I’ll copy paste it
Saint603: You removed all access rights from Saint603Register at for 5000 in-game points!
Saint603: That was one line in console, I’m not sure why the points were attached to it
Arbiter: wtf
Saint603: Eos logged on and IMMEDIATLY lost his rights

This is logs from one of my Admins. They do not have perms to demote anyone, RCON ingame is off from what I recall (not sure how to check though)

Save your staffs steamid and then reinstall ulx and add them again.