ULX demotion when rejoining

im using DarkRP 2.4.3 and have ulx and when i make myself superadmin and then rejoin i join in as a user. FAdmin is installed if that may be conflicting but if it is i don’t know how to remove it.

I’m not an expert at DarkRP related matters, but try uninstalling ULX - it’s confliction with FAdmin is something that could definitely cause that issue.

but i need ulx on my server as that is the way for donating

Why do you have 2 different user management (Don’t know what the proper term is) addons?

Because some idiot thought it would be great to implement a user management system into a gamemode

Delete DarkRP/gamemode/modules/fadmin for the reasons above.

theres not an fadmin folder in modules but there is one in the gamemode folder and i tried deleting it and there were errors


delete that. idk if you will get errors or not but i guess it’s worth a shot.

That’s DarkRP 2.5.

He’s using 2.4.3.

whenever i join the console says i join for the first time