ulx doesn't save rank [darkrp]

does anyone know how to fix this?
I search everywhere, i can’t find a fix

So much detail omg.
Anyways, this is probably because your fadmin data is overwriting your ulx data and everything resets.
Disabling fadming (But NOT removing it) is the only solution I know of, but ofc there has to be a more logical one.

fadmin is already disabled;

FA admin is a bit annoying when you’re trying to replace it with a different mod. You might shoot Fpt a pm about it. Or you could be like most of the other rinky-dink servers and utilize both of them together.

yeah but, when people buy vip, they aren’t vip when server crashed

Why but? That’s exactly what we said.

Are you using some web panel from coderhire?

No panel on this server.
Yes i understand, but i don’t know why fadmin is disabled and ulx doesn’t save ranks.

up :frowning: