ULX Echo

How would I go about stopping “Someone slapped Bob for 20 damage” from appearing in everybody’s chat?
Here is my ulx/data/ulx/config.txt
; Instead, edit the version in <garrysmod root>/data/ulx/ if it exists. If it doesn’t, copy this file to <gmod root>/data/ulx/ to create it.
;Any of the settings in here can be added to the per-map or per-gamemode configs.
;To add per-map and per-gamemode configs, create data/ulx/maps/<mapname>/config.txt
;and data/ulx/gamemodes/<gamemodename>/config.txt files. This can also be done for
;All other configuration files (adverts.txt, downloads.txt, gimps.txt, votemaps.txt)
;All configurations add to each other except gimps and votemaps, which takes the most
;specific config only.
;Any line starting with a ‘;’ is a comment!

ulx showMotd 0 ; Set to 0 to disable showing motd on connect. Shows the file the cvar motdfile says to. Set to a URL to show a URL.
motdfile ulx_motd.txt ; The motd to show

ulx chattime 0 ; Players can only chat every x seconds (anti-spam). 0 to disable

; This is what the players will see when they join, set it to “” to disable.
; You can use %host% and %curmap% in your text and have it automagically parsed for you
ulx welcomemessage “Welcome to %host%! We’re playing %curmap%.”

ulx logFile 1 ; Log to file (Can still echo if off). This is a global setting, nothing will be logged to file with this off.
ulx logEvents 1 ; Log events (player connect, disconnect, death)
ulx logChat 1 ; Log player chat
ulx logSpawns 1 ; Log when players spawn objects (props, effects, etc)
ulx logSpawnsEcho 1 ; Echo spawns to players in server. -1 = Off, 0 = Dedicated console only, 1 = Admins only, 2 = All players. (Echoes to console)
ulx logJoinLeaveEcho 1 ; Echo players leaves and joins to admins in the server (useful for banning minges)
ulx logDir “ulx_logs” ; The log dir under garrysmod/data
ulx logEcho 0 ; Echo mode
; Echo modes:
; 0 - OFF No output to any players when an admin command is used
; 1 - ANONYMOUS Output to players without access to see who used the command (admins by default) similar to “(Someone) slapped Bob with 0 damage”
; 2 - FULL Output to players similar to “Foo slapped Bob with 0 damage”

ulx logEchoColors 1 ; Whether or not echoed commands in chat are colored
ulx logEchoColorDefault “151 211 255” ; The default text color (RGB)
ulx logEchoColorConsole “0 0 0” ; The color that Console gets when using actions
ulx logEchoColorSelf “75 0 130” ; The color for yourself in echoes
ulx logEchoColorEveryone “0 128 128” ; The color to use when everyone is targeted in echoes
ulx logEchoColorPlayerAsGroup 1 ; Whether or not to use group colors for players. If false, it uses the color below.
ulx logEchoColorPlayer “255 255 0” ; The color to use for players when ulx logEchoColorPlayerAsGroup is set to 0.
ulx logEchoColorMisc “0 255 0” ; The color for anything else in echoes

ulx rslotsMode 0
ulx rslots 2
ulx rslotsVisible 1 ; When this is 0, sv_visiblemaxplayers will be set to maxplayers - slots_currently_reserved
;0 - Off
;1 - Keep # of slots reserved for admins, admins fill slots.
;2 - Keep # of slots reserved for admins, admins don’t fill slots, they’ll be freed when a player leaves.
;3 - Always keep 1 slot open for admins, kick the user with the shortest connection time if an admin joins.

;Difference between 1 and 2:
;I realize it’s a bit confusing, so here’s an example.
;On mode 1–
; You have maxplayers set to 10, rslots set to 2, and there are currently 8 non-admins connected.
; If a non-admin tries to join, they’ll be kicked to keep the reserved slots open. Two admins join
; and fill the two reserved slots. When non-admins leave, the two admins will still be filling the
; two reserved slots, so another regular player can join and fill the server up again without being
; kicked by the slots system

;On mode 2–
; Same setup as mode 1, you have the two admins in the server and the server is full. Now, when a
; non-admin leaves the server, reserved slots will pick up the slot again as reserved. If a regular
; player tries to join and fill the server again, even though there are two admins connected, it will
; kick the regular player to keep the slot open

;So, the basic difference between these two is mode 1 will subtract currently connected admins from the slot
;pool, while mode 2 while always be attempting to reclaim slots if it doesn’t currently have enough when
;players leave no matter how many admins are connected.

; If you set this variable to 0, ULX will automatically change sv_visiblemaxplayers for you so that if
; there are no regular player slots available in your server, it will appear that the server is full.
; The major downside to this is that admins can’t connect to the server using the “find server” dialog
; when it appears full. Instead, they have to go to console and use the command “connect <ip>”.

ulx votemapEnabled 1 ; Enable/Disable the entire votemap command
ulx votemapMintime 10 ; Time after map change before votes count.
ulx votemapWaittime 5 ; Time before a user must wait before they can change their vote.
ulx votemapSuccessratio 0.4 ; Ratio of (votes for map)/(total players) needed to change map. (Rounds up)
ulx votemapMinvotes 3 ; Number of minimum votes needed to change map (Prevents llamas). This supercedes the above convar on small servers.
ulx votemapVetotime 30 ; Time in seconds an admin has after a successful votemap to veto the vote. Set to 0 to disable.
ulx votemapMapmode 1 ; 1 = Use all maps but what’s specified in votemaps.txt, 2 = Use only the maps specified in votemaps.txt.

ulx voteEcho 0 ; 1 = Echo what every player votes (this does not apply to votemap). 0 = Don’t echo

ulx votemap2Successratio 0.5 ; Ratio of (votes for map)/(total players) needed to change map. (Rounds up)
ulx votemap2Minvotes 3 ; Number of minimum votes needed to change map (Pevents llamas). This supercedes the above convar on small servers.

ulx votekickSuccessratio 0.6 ; Ratio of (votes for kick)/(total players) needed to kick player. (Rounds up)
ulx votekickMinvotes 2 ; Number of minimum votes needed to kick player (Pevents llamas). This supercedes the above convar on small servers.

ulx votebanSuccessratio 0.7 ; Ratio of (votes for ban)/(total players) needed to ban player. (Rounds up)
ulx votebanMinvotes 3 ; Number of minimum votes needed to ban player (Pevents llamas). This supercedes the above convar on small servers.

As you can see I changed ulx logEcho to 0, but it still does not work.
Help would be appreciated, thanks.

Type !menu, Go to settings , go to server. Click on Echo admin commands and click on Do not echo commands

Hello guys? I have question. How to make only admins or superadmins see echoes?