ULX Extanded

So I have the ULX Extanded addon and I have no idea how to download it, the thing that confused me is that it is a LUA file.
Where do I put this?

Extended*, its even written to you as the file name.

Back to the question, where do I put this file?

not that hard to google, but sure.

Heh give me your server IP after you install it if you don’t mind

Is there something bad with it?

if i remember correctly it had a way to crash servers, or give someone admin.

Hmm do you know any way to sort this out?

Nah mans he’s pulling your bone, There use to be a racist but funny joke that printed on your school ever so long but it was removed if am not mistaken

There was a net library exploit that allowed you to ban anyone on the server. The most updated version has it fixed though, but there is no telling if he has a leak or not.

Does anyone know the link of the LATEST / UPDATED version of this?