Hello, I have a DarkRP server I have set up admin for ulx and FAdmin, but the FAdmin just messes everything up! I made it so admins could not use commands on Superadmin (ULX) but the FAdmin just goes behind and allows admins to do everything to admins! Kick, Ban, pick up, ect. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you.

Just remove FAdmin then…?

Can you do that? I thought about it, but was never sure if you could.

Just remove the script in DarkRP. Fadmin is a single script in DarkRP I think, so should be easy to remove.

Like this remove - gmod/gamemods/darkrp/fadmin Would that mess anything up? or would DarkRP still run right. I still want some of FAdmins abilitys but I want to make super admins immune to admins and so on.

If you remove FAdmin, then you won’t have the scoreboard that you used to have, you have a older scoreboard, and you don’t have any FAdmin commands anymore, so you need to stick around with ULX.

So you suggest leaving it? Because I know that Evolve has some similar abilities as FAdmin like picking people up, other than with Evolve you can set it so admins can be immune.

To remove FADMIN from darkrp just delete the FADMIN folder and files.
then uninclude them in the init.lua and cl_init.lua then import the old scoreboard of darkrp 2.4.1 by getting the scoreboard files from a darkrp 2.4.1 version and putting them in ur new darkrp then include the scoreboard files in the init.lua and cl_init.lua.

Thats it…

The FAdmin root user is causing confusion. I’ll get rid of it.

You need to be root user to set the setting that admins can’t do stuff to higher admins. It’s in the server settings part of tab. But you’ll only see it when you’re root.

Remove FADMIN no one fucking likes it, Its SHIT and is not even a good administration system at all. its fucking horrible and just lags the fuck outta the server and has a ugly as fuck scoreboard. Just do everyone a favor and stop working on DarkRP because all the changes you make like the proplmpics and all that other useless shit are shit. and just lags the god dam server.

Lucky me receiving criticism this constructive :v:

Elaborate how FAdmin lags.

I figured it out, and FPtje is right. It works great now! Thanks for the help. FAdmin is not that bad.

DarkRP revision 1061:
Turned on admin immunity by default
[REMOVE] FAdmin root_user. It confused the fuck out of people.

Root_user is just a name, it is inheriting its powers from superadmin so you don’t really need it do you? I will keep it anyways.

Root_user is a superadmin who is able to do some things in FAdmin that superadmins can’t.
Certain things, like setting admin immunity and setting other players’ access, were restricted to root_user in FAdmin.

The problems with this are that a superadmin might be able to set someone’s access through a different admin mod and that people don’t understand a non-standard usergroup.

I know this is probably late, but I’m root user and my friend is just an admin, but he can still pick me up. I have immunity and all on.

I know this might be the wrong place, but can I be an admin for you? I dont abuse and have experience. I know commands for ulx and fadmin.
Btw, fix this by removing Fadmin because this might be the thing causing the errors :3