ULX fetch commands for certain rank

Okay, I have never messed with ULX in my life so I have no clue about it’s functions.
My question is simple: is there any way/function to fetch all commands for a certain ranks or all commands with required rank mentioned in it?

Simple as that, thanks in advance!

This is the ulx help command

function ulx.help( ply )
	ULib.console( ply, "ULX Help:" )
	ULib.console( ply, "If a command can take multiple targets, it will usually let you use the keywords '*' for target" )
	ULib.console( ply, "all, '^' to target yourself, '@' for target your picker, '$<userid>' to target by ID (steamid," )
	ULib.console( ply, "uniqueid, userid, ip), '#<group>' to target users in a specific group, and '%<group>' to target" )
	ULib.console( ply, "users with access to the group (inheritance counts). IE, ulx slap #user slaps all players who are" )
	ULib.console( ply, "in the default guest access group. Any of these keywords can be preceded by '!' to negate it." )
	ULib.console( ply, "EG, ulx slap !^ slaps everyone but you." )
	ULib.console( ply, "You can also separate multiple targets by commas. IE, ulx slap bob,jeff,henry.")
	ULib.console( ply, "All commands must be preceded by \"ulx \", ie \"ulx slap\"" )
	ULib.console( ply, "
Command Help:
" )

	for category, cmds in pairs( ulx.cmdsByCategory ) do
		local lines = {}
		for _, cmd in ipairs( cmds ) do
			local tag = cmd.cmd
			if cmd.manual then tag = cmd.access_tag end
			if ULib.ucl.query( ply, tag ) then
				local usage
				if not cmd.manual then
					usage = cmd:getUsage( ply )
					usage = cmd.helpStr
				table.insert( lines, string.format( "	o %s %s", cmd.cmd, usage:Trim() ) )

		if #lines > 0 then
			table.sort( lines )
			ULib.console( ply, "
Category: " .. category )
			for _, line in ipairs( lines ) do
				ULib.console( ply, line )
			ULib.console( ply, "" ) -- New line

	ULib.console( ply, "
-End of help
ULX version: " .. ulx.getVersion() .. "
" )
local help = ulx.command( "Utility", "ulx help", ulx.help )
help:help( "Shows this help." )
help:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL )

in-game it prints all commands that YOU can use (rank specific ofc)