ULX group order

Hey. Is there a way to set the order of the groups made in ULX? At the moment, the orders are messed up and since i have custom made groups, the order of it all is messed up on the scoreboard so is there anything i can do to set the order myself or is it impossible?

Wait wait wait, order on the scoreboard? order in the menu? I’m a bit lost. I never knew the scoreboard had an order lol

Yeah the ordering on the scoreboard, my rank is a super admin whilst my other player is a admin and his title on the scoreboard is set higher than mine :confused:

And what scoreboard are you talking about?
There is like a million scoreboards out there, we can’t guess what one you are using.

Sorry this was a scoreboard that i found online and i can only show images of it for now because i dont know the name for it :frowning:


But this scoreboard isnt a addon, instead its a single script file that is banged into lua/autorun/client

Sorry i cant remember the name but surely this must be a ulx thing right?

Scoreboards don’t naturally order based on ULX rank. So it would be this scoreboard in particular

Ahhh dammit. So is there no way at all whatsoever? Because i have the SUI_scoreboard v2.6 on my other server and that is ordered according to ulx ranks but i dont want to use that scoreboard since this scoreboard is more simplier to add code and values to

There is but you’d need to add an ordering system or check the one that it already has and fix it. Without the script in question we can’t do anything to help you with that

Ah so should i past the code here?

Ah wait ive managed tofix it. Turns out you have to create teams for the ranks and then the order is set like that. Bit silly but yeah, a fix for anyone who has the same problem :slight_smile:

The scoreboard is showing people by their respective server IDs, you can change that to make it by ranks in the scoreboard code

Ah yes thats true, thanks for that : )