ULX Group Swep

Hello on my server I wish to implement a Donater group. Im using the newest ULX version. I know how to make the group and give it things such as votekick but how would I go about making it so that once you become a “donater” everything you spawn you get a certian swep such as BuddyFinder. Im using DarkRP as a gamemode and I don’t know if that would conflict it or not.

local DonatorWeapons = {“weapon_ak47”, “weapon_mp5”, “weapon_crowbar”, “weapon_deagle”}

local function GiveDonatorWeps( ply )
if ply:IsUserGroup(“donator”) then
for k, v in pairs( DonatorWeapons ) do
ply:Give( v )
hook.Add(“PlayerLoadout”, “GiveDonatorWeps”, GiveDonatorWeps)