ULX groups and pointshop are not saving data

both addons reset all its data after a map change? is it something wrong with MySQL? it worked fine before steampipe…

Check your server’s data folder… Be sure the folder names are correct or worst case you could perhaps reinstall the server. Quite a few servers were affected from the SteamPipe Update, including my… It’s a update with bullshit written all over it… .-.

i checked the data folder and its all empty…

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i fixed it for ulx, my data folder had no permissions. but pointshop points keep reseting.

Which provider are you using for pointshop?
MySQL - make sure all login data is correct.
Default (pdata aka SQLite) - since you data folder didn’t have perms, make sure sv.db I. The server folder has perms.
Data - dont know what could be wrong.

it says it using ‘pdata’

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i changed pdata to data and now it is working, ty