ULX-groups-script needed!

Hey all,

I wanna start with a small info… I dont know ANYTHING about lua.

Okay… well I have my DarkRP server witch is dedicated and is fully working.
It’s going to be a Semi-Serious RP server so i want some ranks…


All groups (except respected)should have the ability to add new Respected players…
Respected can kick people and get arrest/unarrest-stick(I personly hate when I cant do shit about prop killers or so :stuck_out_tongue:
Admin is really just the normal stuff except wire tools like igniter and stuff
Superadmin has full access to everything except server.
Creator is same as Superadmin but he should have access to server (dunno how to make this posseble yet any ideas?)
Only Owner can add Admins Superadmins Creators and other Owners
If u are superadmin or higher rank u have the ability to make ur own money like: in chat “!buymoney <amount>”

The best answer and script posted here will get Creator status when server will start… Thats the hole point in Creator group… I cant make all the stuff for my server so i wanna make a reward for the guys that helpes me out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(hoping to start up server near X-mes :P)

Just give the groups except respected the ability to give players ranks…

*** edit ***
And, how do you BUY money?
rp_setmoney works just as great.

Well… How do i do that? :stuck_out_tongue: Didnt i say i was newbie at lua? :smiley:

You’re using ULX. Read the help on how to use it. All you need is a console command to add commands to groups.

ULX groups is not a script; Its a .txt file that ULib(?) Reads… Read some documentation on it…

OK thx guys :stuck_out_tongue:
Well any ideas on how to make commands like the “rp_setmoney” only able for Superadmin and higer? and u are speaking off some console commands? what commands example plz? :wink:

rp_Setmoney Tequila 10000
that would set your money to 10000, only superadmins can use the command.

ahh thx… BTW… i fucked up my ULX groups located in data folder can anyone like give me a copy of the original file? need it badly

Go delete the file, and restart server. ULib will regenerate a new one.