ULX Gun Version 1.0

A simple SWEP that uses ULX’s commands in an aim-fire style. It helps those who are just plain lazy and don’t like to type in commands or use the ULX Menu :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, I’ve added these basic commands but expect more in newer versions:
○ Kick
○ Permanent-Ban
○ Freeze
○ Jail
○ Blind
○ Mute
○ Ignite

Primary Fire - Run command on target player
USE + Primary Fire - Remove command
Secondary Fire - Select firemode command

Known Bugs (As of initial release):
• Firemode menu won’t close sometimes (Only in Multiplayer :\ )
• “swep_reload” is required for the VGUI to load properly (On occasion, and again, MP only)

I plan to continue this project and add on to it, please don’t expect this to be the last version as I know that there’s still plenty to be desired from a gun like this one. You can be sure that there’ll be a new release in about a week or so.


◘Video Coming Soon!



This is some nice stuff dude… GREAT work!

Anyways, I was just wondering how many commands can you put to it? Pretty much every ulx command right? Just wondering.

Anyways nice work…GOLD STAR FOR YOU :stuck_out_tongue:

stunning :smiley:


Yeah, I should be able to add as many commands as possible since they’d all work.

The problem is that since it’s a gun, some commands don’t work like they should. Since you have to be aiming at a player for it to know who to run the command on, you can hit a few problems.

For example: The ragdoll command makes the player a ragdoll, but if you try to UNragoll them using the gun, you can’t shoot at the ragdoll because it wouldn’t know what to do with it.

By the next version I’ll have this fixed, just bare with me here as I try to do it while keeping the custom commands to a minimum.

What protection does this have from being advanced duplicated and used by minges everywhere, correct me if i’m wrong that bug has not been removed.

Looks nice. Gold star.

Well the fact that it’s admin-spawnable helps, and I’ve never heard of such a bug. Chances are that it would happen more to SENTs rather than SWEPs.

Although if something comes up I’ll make that my priority for the next update.

Isn’t it possible to run a check to see if the user is an admin?

You can, but you don’t need to. If you make it admin-spawnable only then you’re set.

Of course, if you like the extra security you can always do that.

sigh This is ridiculous, an hour after my initial release and there’s already two rip-off “MODIFIED” version of my code out there. Fucking Minges :mad:

That’s Gmod for ya.

Useful for dming people who you can’t find the name for. I have a suggestion though: have a zoom function just in case if the person is far away.


I was just wondering how come I cannot see it?

Is it SB2 gamemode compatible?

cool ! bye bye !menu… client… name… ban… ! :smiley:

Since the Gmod update, players no longer drop weapons when they die, INCLUDING Sweps

Can anyone link me to the “modified” versions?
I’d like to see what they “modified”

I loved baning admins from their own servers with the Gmod9 ULX.

Or should I say ULULZ?

This is a blast from the past - these were what GM9 SWEPs were all about, when they weren’t weapons - being useful.

Even though I don’t have ULX, this does look very useful, nice job.

This is not working foe me VIA multiplayer?

I can see it on when I play SP, SB2 gamemode.

But when I get into my server… I can not see it. Wich is located in weapons, but not there.

If for whatever reason you can’t see it in the weapons list then just open your console and type:

give ulx_gun

If you’re having some issues with the GUI (Check my screenshots and compare)
Open your console, and type:


Version 2 coming this Friday!

Features to expect:
• Select multiple players and run the chosen command on ALL of them at once.
• Ability to select “Self” as a target
• Updated GUI with a better looking layout
• More firemodes with editable options