ULX Help

So when you create a group it asks “Group Can Target:”.

Now I found out how to stop one group from touching another group like admins: !%superadmin.

But I cannot figure out how to add multiple “Can Target”.

Anyone know how?


As far as I know, you can’t

Well crap… xD

You’re better of posting on the ULX forums.

Use commas, i think

Here is a mostly complete FAQ on inheritance, which should explain all you need to know.

A few tldr notes:
% group operator follows inheritance- !%admin will also not let them target superadmins or any other higher groups, if the group eventually inherits from admin.

group operator does not follow inheritance- only affects the specified group.

You can string together multiple can_target by separating them with commas, but the ‘,’ acts as a UNION operator, and you may not get the results you’re expecting (see FAQ).