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Hello, recently my Garrys Mod server was hacked. The rcon password was revealed and they banned me, the owner. Everything is sorted and I installed Cake Anti Cheat. But one thing is, whenever I join the server, it says “You have been banned from this server” even though I unbanned myself. This meaning, everytime I want to rejoin my own server, I have to go in the server console and type ulx unban (my steam id).

Also, what is immunity? How do I remove / grant immunity to players? Thanks.


All Help is much appreciated.

Check the bans.txt in DATA/ulib of your server. Make sure your steamid isn’t in there. If it is and you removed it then restart your server. If you are still banned, Well. Reinstall your server. Or go through each file and check for code that bans you each time.

For Immunity, Do you mean ULX’s version of the ability to ban / do any other action on another player of higher or equal rank?

As Austin said, make sure your steamid isn’t in there. Hell, if you HAVE to, delete the whole data/ulib

Also, if you have an addon which allows you to use ulx with mysql, make sure you’re not banned in your database.

This is retarded.
There is absolutely no reason to delete data/ulib, all you gotta do is remove your ban from data/ulib/bans.txt, if you’re still banned it’s probably executing banned_user.cfg

I think he meant delete it incase he is being banned elsewhere in the ULIB directory… The guy got hacked. The code could be anywhere

To be honest buddy, I don’t understand why you are still using ULX. There are admin mods that have the same capabilities of ULX yet dont look like I’ve vomited on a plate. I don’t like to criticise people for using it as it is familiar to many people. But maybe this is a chance to swap.

Yes, there are some players in which I cannot do anything to because it says they have immunity.

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Thanks, I will try that.