Ulx help

I have ulx and ulib but when I try to make it so that it automaticly adds me in as an admin,(for my server), it doesn’t work even if I manualy add my self in I can’t do anything like slap or jail.This is what I’m puting in both the config_default, and autoexec, files, ulx “adduser Ferret superadmin” ,or operator instead of super admin, but it doesn’t work.

:siren:Please help me:siren:

is operator the highest athority?

clean your current gmod users file and your ulx users file and use this it works for me I had the sme problem. As for ranks i would like to know that to.

“slimjim134” “STEAM_0:1:11853843”

	"weee"			"STEAM_0:1:12700541"


Where are those files located?

In order of power:

Super Admin



how much power does the operator have like what commands are left for them

i have a big problem, i put both files in addons then when i start the server it just keeps scrolling down and i cant get onto my server. any help??

Use Rcon instead.

what do you mean use Rcon instead