ULX Help

Hey, i’m basically trying to set up groups… like different levels of ranks within my server for ttt. But, unfortunately, I’m getting nowhere at all with it =.= so, this is what I’ve been doing, for example I’ve created a group called epicplayers and i wanted to add commands, I’d do this;

ulx groupallow epicplayers !vote !%superadmin 0
<group> <command> [<access tag>] [<revoke access 0/1>]

I read that thats how you set a groups, which can’t override admin/superadmins…

I’m really really confused :S

I just wanna put three groups inbetween USER and ADMIN levels. but I want my players to have more commands as they ‘level up’ through the ranks if you get me. Anyway, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I’d strongly recommend you visit the forums for ULX, forums.ulyssesmod.net.