ULX hide cmds

Im trying to make a script to make it then whever you type !goto [anything] it will not appear. This is what I have so far:
hook.Add( “PlayerSay”, “ulxgoto”, function( ply, txt, team, dead )
if ( txt == “!goto” ) then
return “”
end )

How do I make it so that whatever they type after !goto is still recognized?

Example: !goto procras will be hidden, but how?

Tell your admins to use console commands instead. If you want the echos off as well, type “ulx logecho 0” in console. Replace the 0 with 1 to turn it on but hide the admins name, 2 to show it.

That hides the “Myname” has “action” “target”! message but it still shows the chat cmd that I types in, like it will show !goto [target] in the chat

Go into the chat.lua module and just remove the custom message that ulx uses.