ULX isn't confirming that commands have been toggled.

So I had just reinstalled my GMod server and finished installing all our addons and adding in ranks for ULX. MY problem is that whenever my admins type a command it doesn’t show up that it has been toggled in chat. It seems like the command is enabling but we have no way to tell. Here is a screenshot of what happens when I type a command:

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Open the ulx menu, go in Settings, then Server, click ULX Command/Event echoes.

And then you have 3 choices in the first drop down menu. In your case it is probably set to “Do not echo admin commands” and you want to change this :wink:

The cvar is ulx logecho.
0 = no logs
1 = logs anonymous to users - (Someone) muted Omaha
2 = full logs - Bradley muted Omaha

Thank you, DEFCON1. I’ll try this when I get home later. :3

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As for MuteTM, thanks for letting me know which is which :slight_smile:

Okay well when I got home and made this change, it had no effect :/. I changed it in the actual ulx config file but I had to go right after. So it may or may not have changed. Is there any other reason why this is happening?

Check the value of ulx_logecho in your rcon.

If it’s 0, then you did something wrong. Which config file did you modify? You should not edit the config files that are in gmod/addons/ulx/data/ulx, but the ones in gmod/data/ulx. And when you modified the file, did you restart your server?..

If it’s not 0, then you may have a conflicting addon. Something that messed up the chatbox…