ULX issue, Anyone can Physgun Anyone else

I’ve had this problem with ULX for quite a while. not sure how long though, maybe 6 or 7 months. I love ULX but now that I;m hosting a dedicated server and i cant be there to kick people who abuse it I really need to figure out what the problem is. It’s a fresh install of Gmod on my server with only a couple addons, ULX, and prop protection. heres a picture of the addons folder:

Is there anything in there that would conflict? I don’t think there is because it happens with ULX being the ONLY thing installed.

OHH i almost forgot… It happens when i don’t even have ULX installed. Even if all i have it Simple Prop Protection installed it happens. But it also happens when i only have ULX in there. It doesn’t happen when neither of them are there though. Sorry if I confused you with all that I was confused writing it LOL. Anyone else had this issue? Know how to solve it? I’m using the latest version of ULX & prop Protection btw. No plugins except the default that come with ulx.