ULX issue/NFO issue overnight? - Help needed fast!

Okay I’m honestly flipping out here. I have no idea what happened, my friend who owns the server is going to be pissed if he sees this.

I was asleep for literally five or six hours; got back on gmod, and noticed the server’s name was reset. I go in to see ULX is broken, Oh great that’s easily enough to piss him off.
BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. I go open the Control Panel on NFO and see that the server’s name was reset, so I fixed that and reset rcon. Okay good those work again.
Any idea on what might be wrong with ULX? This will easily piss off the owner and I have no idea what happened, I’ve already tried a few things. It seems as if the teams are broken entirely. I’ve tried adding/removing myself from the different ranks and they
all just say “Unassigned.” Any help at all would be appreciated.

Ask NFO when your server was last backed up. If like 1-2 days ago I’d ask them to run the backup.