[ULX Module] Admin Room

What is that?!
If you still can’t figure out what that is then I’ll explain:
Admin Room is a module that let you set an admin room location per map so that when you use the ulx command “ulx adminroom <player>” it will teleport that player to the admin room.

How to?
When in game go to the admin room you want to set. Use the “ulx getadminroompos” command which will generate a configuration line that you will add in the single lua file that you’ll download.
On a side note you can only have ONE Admin Room per map.

Download (MEGA.co)

May I ask, what’s special about the admin room?

What do you mean?

there isn’t anything special
the command takes the player you target to a room on the map that is marked beforehand
it’s better than physgunning the players up to a roof, i guess

I tried this 3 months ago and it didnt work. Do you think it works now?

fucking retard it’s a year old

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It should still work, this was released after gmod13.

Why do you have to be such a dick?

Well, that’s rich.

I used it recently without problems so it should still work.